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Gary J Hawkes

Five element shamanic Feng Shui Master. 

Five element shamanic Feng Shui Master accredited by The Shen Dao Institute & RSA certified councillor.
As an expert in his field Gary has been featured on TV and radio in the UK and the US.
High profile commissions from the worlds of Finance, Film, Advertising, PR, Restaurant Catering, Healthcare and Retail have taken him all over the world.
His formal training took place over many years & included extensive training with a Tibetan master and many other amazing therapists of various practices. 
His work also extends to professional accreditation as a Humanistic RSA counsellor.
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A Brief history of Feng Shui

The ancient art of Feng Shui originated in China around 5000 years ago. One would consult a Feng Shui practitioner to determine where best to site their property, in order to be in balance and harmony with the five elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
A property would be located near to a plentiful supply of pure water, without being prone to flooding; elevated sufficiently for security, yet sheltered from prevailing winds; South-facing, in order to receive energising Fire Chi from the Sun; and near a plentiful supply of essential resources, in order to feed the family, be healthy and prosper. 
We have a fundamental need to feel safe, secure and supported by a healthy and well-designed space, that is in harmony with all the elements. We need to balance our stressful modern-day lives, that now include new elements such as electromagnetic pollution; microwaves, such as Wi-Fi; air pollution; toxic materials; artificial light; and the various light spectrums. Although many of these advancements support us, some hinder us and can affect our wellbeing. All of these new elements need to be addressed in order to live in harmony within the modern world. 
In recent times, Physicists have confirmed that everything is made up of energy and that everything is connected. In Feng Shui, this explains why changing the colour, shape or position of anything in our environment, changes the energy. Therefore, changing the feel and performance of a space. In other words, Feng Shui is about understanding how we can manipulate and harness energy to best support us in our daily lives. 
My Feng Shui practice is Five Element Shen Dao. I incorporate the old Native American, Celtic and Chinese systems, along with a new understanding and practice I have developed myself to address the issues of the modern world. 
Once recommendations have been implemented, a beautiful, balanced and harmonious space will be achieved. The space will be supportive and efficient; enabling you to use all of your precious time and energy to help to achieve greater health, financial security, harmonious relationships and happiness. 
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