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Stage 1


We will have an incredibly powerful jam packed 1 hr video/phone consultation where we explore what is going on in your life, what areas of your life need addressing and what, besides Feng Shui can really help bring about long lasting positive change. I will give you some recommendations to follow in order to bring about that positive chanGe.


Stage 2


So I can determine the Feng Shui of your property I will require you to send me a rough sketch of your home/office along with a compass direction and a few images. I will explain how you can carry out and supply this information. I will then take this information and draw your Feng Shui floor plan and identify all the key areas along with clear and specific instructions/recommendations for each space within your home/office. Once complete I will send you an electronic version of my report as well as a hard copy in the post.


Stage 3


Once you have had a chance to digest the report we will spend some further time on the phone or over video chat in order to address any questions you may have and make sure you are clear and happy with everything.


Book Online


Remote Feng Shui | 3-4 Bed Home

4-5 hrs | from £995 Please get in touch to discuss. Consessions available if finances are challenging

Remote Feng Shui | 3-4 Bed Home

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