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Five ways to feng shui your bedroom

The bedroom is an integral part of any home. It is where you are the most vulnerable, where you rest and prepare for a new day, so it’s paramount that it is a space filled with positive and rejuvenating energy – these feng shui methods offer some simple rules to follow.

1) The Bed

The bed itself is seen as the centrepiece of the room – often, it is what the bedroom revolves around. An easy way to align the bed with feng shui principles would be to consider the position it is in.

As chi energy enters through doors and windows, to ensure you rest peacefully, it’s crucial that your bed is out of any entry or exit pathways as you sleep. A popular position in feng shui is the commanding position, placing your bed somewhere you can see the door, but not in line with it, puts you in a position of power against any unwelcome forces.

2) Decorations

It comes as no surprise that your surroundings can make a huge difference on your mood and energy, and the feng shui practice also offers advice on this topic.

For those who struggle to sleep, it may be time to reassess what’s on your bookshelf. As books bubble with vibrant energy created by the writer and that written world, it’s often recommended that if you aren’t reading a book, then it may be best to move your library to elsewhere in the house.

3) Energy

Energy is riddled throughout the feng shui practice, and while ying and yang energy is a method heavily followed, in recent years the surge in electronics has shifted the conversation.

Electronic energy can cause detrimental effects on your quality of sleep. Televisions, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets all emit the largest frequency of magnetic fields which can disrupt your sleeping pattern, and even, disturb your immune system; it’s recommended to remove these distractions from your bedroom.

4) Colours

Colours have the power to influence your moods heavily, so when decorating your bedroom, it’s important to mainly use muted colours that represent a calm and peaceful environment. A few of these would be:

· Off-white

· Browns

· Tans and neutrals

· Peach tones

While using bright or more garish colours isn’t off-limits, it is important to use these moderately.

5) Symmetry

A popular belief in feng shui is the discussion around balance.

When we’re attracting a partner into our bedroom it’s important to create an inviting room that evoke feelings of space for both parties. To achieve this, many practitioners follow simple rules of symmetry: a pair of beside tables, an equal number of pillows, and bedside lamps are all popular options.

These items don’t need to match, however, it is crucial the colours, fabrics and textures complement each other and don’t aggravate the senses.

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