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How to fit feng shui around your personal style

Our personal style can be defined as the items or colours we are drawn to fill our home with, how we plan to clothe our bodies, or what we are attracted to in general day-to-day life.

In the feng shui belief, each item comes with added meaning and the practice works at advising you where you should place each item in your home to your benefit. However, just because feng shui lays out a particular set of rules, doesn’t automatically mean you need to throw away the items that give you joy.


When decorating your home, it’s crucial to understand the feng shui practices that you’re trying to incorporate. Some of the feng shui belief follows the balance of colour theory, other aspects explore the rules of furniture placement, but whether you use all practices or just some, there should be noticeable differences when you apply them to your life.

Combining the essence of yourself with the foundations of feng shui can help carve a balanced living space for you. For example, those people who are more vivacious in nature may pour a lot of this energy into the living room as this is the space where the most action typically happens.

While not all rooms require an abundance of yang like the living room, understanding where to pour your energy into will then make it easier to follow basic feng shui principles – and applying those to your personal style.


In feng shui, colours hold a lot of power; however, they are just a small part of the techniques that should be applied in feng shui, it’s important to still take into account placements, positions, and the flow of energy.

Saying that, colour is proven to have a deep-rooted effect on your mood. And decorating a space with colours you aren’t attracted to will only have a negative effect.

For example, greens and browns represent ‘wood’ which often represents the feeling of family, health, and nature. If you don’t like green then you don’t need to fill your home with it, instead, you can embrace brown or other tones you’re more attracted to.

The most important thing is that you place the colours in line with the Bagua map as this will bolster the energy you’re trying to produce.

INTENTION A lot of the feng shui practice is surrounded by the belief that certain objects can utilise the environment you’re in and charge the atmosphere; if followed correctly, the benefits of this soon become apparent.

Ultimately, it’s important to understand the intention of the piece in question. If it contributes in a positive way to the environment then it is generally seen as a beneficial investment. If an item isn’t representing the right message, then it’s time to rid of it and replace it – it’s up to you to attract the right attitudes.

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